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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

SCA Sadhana Camp on the 3rd November 2013

Sai SCA Sadhana Camp was held in Sathya Sai Centre of Tangkak and this is the breakdown of the numbers of devotees attending the Camp.

Scudai Centre              20
Bakri BU                       9
Muar Centre                17
Kuala Lumpur               9
Tangkak Centre           51
Parit Raja                       8
Batu Pahat                      1
Kedah                             3
others                             2
Total participants        120

The event was a success and we hope to have more Sadhana Camps etc so that we are able to get together to share our thoughts and find ways to enhance our SCA in Johore and Malaysia.
The theme  SCA - Way Forwards -  we hope our members would seriously follow the guidelines and proposal by the Centre Council and all of us work toward a common goal.

thanks and Jai Sai Ram

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